When the website goes hits the fritz

So I don’t know if anyone can read this right now. It’s 10:55 p.m. on production night.

Usually I’m done posting stories online right now.

But tonight the website decides to only show a few stories that we post.

I don’t know where the others have went. They are out there somewhere. Wendy sees different ones on her computer screen. I see different ones on mine, and Mike sees different ones on his.

The fact that our computer screens don’t agree upon a basic shared reality is rather frustrating.

But this is what we get for messing with stuff in my opinion.

So the website’s been getting a lot of traffic lately and the server had filled up with stories and pictures and we switched hosting services and updated our WordPress.

Notice all the funky question marks in some stories? Thank the update. We’re working to get that fixed on top of the other issues.

In general I’m a non-updater of things. When you update stuff you get bugs. When you switch stuff things get screwy. I rarely even switch sandwiches.

So here we are. If you’re having similar frustrations with the website right now, I’m sorry dear reader. The print product will be there soon.

Print in these cases is a beautiful thing. It’s tactile, real, something that fits in your hand. A news story doesn’t just vanish when you hold a newspaper.

I’ve trouble shot for about an hour online. We’ve passed our problems on. Our company IT guy is giving it his best shot as well.

But until it all gets figured out we’re all kind of stuck in the limbo of the online world.

What I’m writing right now might not even exist outside of zeros and ones in some random folder in some random file directory.

And this “folder” word I use. It isn’t even real in a virtual sense. A “folder” serves as a way for us to relate in a tactile world how computers virtually store data. There’s a word for such symbols or signifiers we use. I read in an online article somewhere that I am unable to find or recall. Had I had it in one of my papers I could simply pick it up at the moment.

But then again even the words we use are only symbols. The word “horse” represents what we agree on as a group a horse is, which makes language an inexact science and an ever fluid medium subjective on the ideas of a group. As a form of communication between one person and the other such language signifying an idea depends on an individual and the context of the situation.

How do you describe a color? Really think about that. We agree on colors because an adult pointed at the sky and told us “blue” and we pointed back and said “blue”.

Even letters are just shapes representing agreed upon sounds.
See professors. I read Saussure once in college.

And if anyone can read this or has read this and made it this far in the ramblings congrats.

I don’t know if we agree on the ideas these words signify, but we probably do agree that I’m strung out and should call it a night.

Thanks WordPress.