Coffee talk: We felt the earth move under our beds

Aaaaaand everybody’s? chatting about the earthquake this morning.

At about 1:42 a.m., a 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck with an epicenter in North East Oklahoma. The shaking was felt across Kansas.

Newton social media lit up after the event, most notably on the Facebook page What’s Happening in Newton.



For the record only three of the five people in the office felt the event.

Sports Editor Clint Harden:

“I thought the apartment building was coming down, they’re not built for that. Laugh it up but I may not have been into work this morning. ”

Publisher Joey Young:

“Yeah it woke up K.C. (their dog) , and then the dog woke us up. The earthquake didn’t wake me up, the dog woke us up.”

Features Editor Wendy Nugent:
“Things in my room were rattling, my bed was shaking. My son called me. He thought his windows would crack.”

For the record Adam Strunk and Bruce Behymer slept through the event. Perhaps the west side of Newton is padded or something. Perhaps they’re just hard sleepers.

So for your listening enjoyment: