Meridian Center plays dirty in weight loss challenge

So there we were, working in our office on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Clint, Adam, Bruce, Elizabeth and Joey were all hanging out and getting the paper together.

And outside our window, we see two people standing. Kevin Geraci with his camera, and Michael Lunsford with his arrogance and pecan bars. They decided to stop by and congratulate us on our first complete week of the weight loss challenge. The word ‘congratulate’ is used loosely.

He wanted to tell us, the Newton Now staff, congrats on taking second place because we did, in fact, lose the first week of competition. Although we did lose more weight, the percentages just weren’t on the side of the newspaper. He wanted to congratulate us with some homemade pecan bars, which we found out were made with at least a portion of molasses instead of all corn syrup.

We will not give him the satisfaction of saying if the bars were any good. Lunsford also said he was “above” commenting on his team’s win.

The first week of the weight loss went well for everyone in the Now office. We’re finding that there’s no magic pill for losing weight. Diet. Exercise. Replace junk food with fruits and veggies, walk around throughout the day, and stretch some joints and muscles.

It’s been a fun competition so far, and it is far from over. The Newton Now pledges a retaliation.