Vandals displace cannonballs in Military Park

By Adam Strunk

The cannonballs have gone missing.

Eagle eyed walkers in Military Park might have noticed that the stack of cannon balls next to the large cannon that sits in the park have been moved.

Newton Parks Department Superintendent Hondo Collins said they’ll be back in the spring.

Crews removed the 10-inch cast iron balls, which weigh upwards of 100 pounds, to weld them back together.

Collins said the parks department believes someone broke apart the balls and tried rolling them around.

He said such an act isn’t uncommon. He’s seen them re-welded three times in the last 23 years he’s worked with the City of Newton.

He said crews will weld them once there’s some moisture around and they don’t have to worry about starting a grass fire and return them to the memorial.

According to information from the Harvey County Historical Society plaque next to the display, the cannon and shot were installed in the park in 1899 as a civil war memorial. The cannon itself is a cannon used in costal defense in the American Civil War. The display was secured by a local Union war veterans group.