Suspect facing capitol murder charges

Harvey County Attorney David Yoder announced that his office would charge Keith Hawkins, suspect in Tuesday’s double murder of Alyssa Runyon and Zaylynn Paz, with capitol murder charges.

Yoder said Hawkins will face two first-degree murder charges and authorities believe from their investigation that the two murders, one by strangulation and one by stabbing were premeditated.

Yoder said investigators have a motive in mind for the crimes, but didn’t comment on what that motive was.

“Mr. Hawkins definitely has a previous criminal history,” he said. “As for a history of violent action there really isn’t.”

Yoder said his office filed charges in June against him for failing to register as a convicted sex offender.

Many details Yoder declined to give as the investigation was ongoing. He did give a bit more information about the case.
” This was a targeted situation if you will,” he said. “This was not a random act. They did know each other and he was at Runyon’s residence with her knowledge on a voluntary basis.”

Yoder said his office will further look into the case and speak with family members before deciding to if it pursues the death penalty.

Yoder said bond for Hawkins was set at $2.5 million. He did not have any information on upcoming court dates.