Student arrested after talking about bomb construction

Newton police arrested a Newton High School student after he told others he planned to construct a bomb.

The police department said that the student, a juvenile, was involved in a previous unsolved incident that required the Wichita bomb squad to be called up to Newton to deal with a home made device.

Newton Police Lt. Scott Powell said on Dec. 15 police received a report from a woman that her daughter, another high school student, knew of another student with a pipe bomb in their vehicle.

Police investigated the report and found no pipe bomb at the address that was given.

However they continued with the investigation and interviewed sources at the high school. Powell said police found out that a student had talked about wanting to make an explosive device.

Powell said according to sources, the student talked about using bullets he had taken from an earlier burglary and using them to make some kind of an explosive device.

Powell said police contacted the suspect’s foster parents, who allowed police to conduct a search. Powell said police found an ammunition container and evidence linking the suspect with the previous break in that occurred on August 18 in the 400 Blk of Main Street.

At the time of the previous burglary the property’s owner reported someone broke into the building, stole scrap metal, damaged items in the building, discharged fire extinguishers, watched pornographic movies and played video games.

Upon inspection, the building’s owner found a pop can with a fuse taped to the side of it. The fuse had been lit. Police then called the Wichita bomb squad to take care of the device.

Powell said that the building’s owner confirmed that an ammo container had been stolen.

Powell said the suspect was booked into juvenile intake. Powell did not release the suspects name as he is under 18.

There was never a point where we believed anyone at the high school was in danger,” Powell said.

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