Shooting suspects, victims’ names released

A 2016 Harvey County Mugshot of shooting suspect David Montano.

County Attorney David Yoder released the names of the victims and of the shooter in this morning’s triple homicide.

Yoder said the names of the three men killed were brothers Michael and Dean Lemons and Jason Stubby.

The shooter was identified as David Montano.

Yoder said officers saw Montano outside of the building where the crimes occurred on the property  and tried to apprehend Montano, who fled on foot. Yoder said Montano threatened officers and Montano died later.

Multiple eyewitnesses survived, he said, and from interviews, they believe the killings to be targeted.

“We believe this was a specific, targeted attack on these individuals,”  Yoder said.

He said that two of the victims were brothers and Stubby was a friend.

He said that the victims were all found in separate rooms, dead from a single gunshot.

Yoder said witnesses were acquaintances, and some were related by blood or marriage.

Yoder said law enforcement believes the suspect was also temporarily residing at the residence.

Montano has a prior history with the law enforcement dating back to at least 2004.

He was arrested in October of 2016 on charges of aggravated assault and in March of 2016 on charges of domestic battery and interfering with a law enforcement officer .