Police arrest seven in high school drug bust

By Newton Now staff

Newton High School went on lock down as part of a drug sweep that arrested seven individuals in the building on drug charges.

Just after 9:45 a.m., Wednesday, police went into the school to look for suspects involved in a two month drug investigation it along with the Sheriff’s department conducted.

Police Chief Eric Murphy said the school was put on lock down during the sweep after prior conversations held between school administration and law enforcement.

During the lock down seven were arrested, five juveniles who were not named as well as two adults.

Newton Police Chief Eric Murphy said the two adults were both high school students and identified them as Evan Kelsey, 18, and Ezequiel Raymundo, 19.  All were charged for selling marijuana or prescription drugs such as Xanax, Oxycodone and Hydrocodone.

The Newton Police Department put out a release detailing that it confiscated 75 grams of marijuana and 97 dosage unites of prescription drugs.

 During the lock down the department also took teams of drug-sniffing dogs through the building and the parking lot to search for more drugs as part of the investigation.

The release noted that one indication of nearby drugs was made by a dog but resulted in no arrests.

In the release Newton Police Chief Eric Murphy said that re-establishment of the Harvey County Drug Task Force in 2017 was a key factor in the investigation.

Murphy said that during the investigation, people working for the police department were able to make buys from some of the suspects in the investigation.

He said the entire investigation took cooperation between all groups involved.

“We’re grateful for the relationship we have with the school district,” he said.