Police respond to stabbing, shooting incidents Wednesday night

Two incidents, a domestic dispute involving firearms as well as an apparent stabbing, tonight have stretched the Newton Police Department.

The department started investigating a stabbing incident around 5 p.m. after Newton Medical Center reported a man walked in with a stab wound in his lower side. The 37-year-old man refused to provide information to officers about how he received the injury or who did it.

The NPD reported that the man showed signs of having been in a physical altercation. The information release said the man eventually said he was jumped by the Dollar General Store near E Fourth Street and Main. Officers were unable to find evidence of the attack at the location the victim gave. The man was transported to Wichita with serious injuries.

At 5:15 p.m., according to the police department, officers headed to the 1700 Block of E Eighth Street to respond to reports of gunshots being fired.

The department stated that officers encountered an intoxicated man in a garage who surrendered without incident. The investigation has led the police department to believe that, in an earlier domestic dispute, the man brandished a handgun at family members before firing into the ceiling. The family members took the hand gun, and the man attempted to get a rifle, which the family prevented him from doing.

He was booked into the Harvey County Detention Center on four counts of aggravated assault. Weapons were also seized following the incident. Police have not released the man’s name, but it should be available soon.
We’ll update this article tomorrow when more information becomes available.