No device found following bathroom bomb threat

A piece of bathroom graffiti resulted in the Newton YMCA being evacuated and searched by bomb sniffing dogs Thursday night.

Around 6:25 p.m. law enforcement were notified after a YMCA employee had went into a bathroom at the Y and noticed “The bomb will go off on 3-8-2018” written in the bathroom, according to Newton Police Department Lt. Scott Powell.

 The YMCA, at 701 E. Wheatridge Dr., evacuated everyone in the building, including  those in pools or with items in their lockers, to the Newton Medical Center cafeteria. Parents were directed to pick up their children from the hospital if they had children at the YMCA.
“YMCA did great getting everybody out over there,” Powell said.
Y employees, Newton Police and three bomb sniffing dogs from the Kansas Highway Patrol dogs swept the building for a bomb but no device was found.
The sweep was completed by 9 p.m. and those evacuated were able to return and gather their belongings.
This is the second bomb threat in as many days in Newton. The Newton Walmart, at 1701 S Kansas, was evacuated on Wednesday after a bomb threat was phoned into the store. No device was found on the premises after the search.