Stabbing deemed self defense

Contributed. Booking photo for Kiel Enns. Enns was arrested for stabbing a man. Prosecutor David Yoder's office later declined to file charges citing Enns having a strong argument for self defense.

By Adam Strunk

The Harvey County Prosecutors Office declined charging Kiel Enns, who was recently arrested on pending charges of attempted murder for a stabbing that occurred in downtown Newton.

County Prosecutor David Yoder said after reviewing the case his office found that Enns had a strong argument for self defense.

“We’re not filing charges in relation to that person in custody,” he said. “We’re still looking at charges in the case of others involved.”

The situation arose after Newton Police responded to reports of a stabbing Friday night at an apartment in the 100 block of E. Broadway. The stabbing was called in by Enns, 31, Wichita, who was eventually arrested and held on pending charges of attempted first degree murder.

The department found a man, later confirmed to be Michael Scott Berg, with a stab wound in his chest as well as a broken leg.

Emergency crews rushed Berg to St. Francis hospital in Wichita in critical condition. Berg survived his injuries.

Police Lt. Scott Powell said, according to information compiled in the police investigation of the case this weekend, the incident began earlier in the day as an unreported domestic dispute.
Police believe Berg and a woman who lived at the apartment were in a relationship and got into a fight.

Berg then went out and rammed the woman’s van with his vehicle in the parking lot.

The woman then left.

Newton Police Detective Craig Douglas, who investigated the case, said the woman left because she was afraid to stay at her apartment.

She returned to the apartment later with three friends to get some clothes, as she planned to stay with her sister.

Powell said Berg was at the address when the group arrived and followed them up the stairs.

According to the police investigation, one of the woman’s friends, Enns, put himself between Berg and the woman.

“He was going after the girl, and he kept them apart,” Powell said of Enns.

A fight ensued on the stairs. Punches were thrown.

Police say it was then that Enns pulled a knife and stabbed Berg.

Police were unsure if Berg then fell down the stairs or was pushed during the fight.

Enns then called police and informed them what happened.

Powell said police investigated the incident, had a conversation with Harvey County Prosecutor David Yoder and detained Enns. At the time, it was unclear if Berg would pull through at the hospital.

The Newton Police Department turned its findings over to the Harvey County Attorney’s office. Powell said the department anticipates charges will be filed against Berg as well for the vehicle ramming incident and his role in what happened at the apartment.