Large fire breaks out near grain elevator

Fire crews battle flames at a metal building next to the MidKansas grain elevator in North Newton. The building held recyclable materials according to those on scene.

A fire fully engulfed a metal storage building in North Newton next to the MidKansas Co-op off of Main Street Thursday afternoon around 4:15 p.m.

Newton Fire and EMS as well as other area fire departments and law enforcement responded to the scene to find flames and smoke billowing out of the building obscuring the view of the nearby grain elevator at times.

The thick black smoke came from the burning of the contents inside the building. The building housed recyclable material collected from North Newton on a weekly basis.

Fire crews began work to knock the flames and fire down and by 4:40 p.m. had made considerable progress.

According to radio chatter on the scene they had to be mindful of a nearby auger feeding into the grain elevator to make sure it didn’t get hot and allow the fire to spread to that structure.

The structure appears to be heavily damaged, and flames had managed to eat through the building’s side.

No cause of the fire was immediately available nor if anyone was injured or in the building at the time it started. There were multiple ambulances on the scene and none appeared to be used in the first half hour of the fire.

The fire also closed down Main Street between Newton and North Newton.

We’ll update the story when more information becomes available.