Four dogs saved from house fire, neighbors hear explosion

Newton police and firefighters responded to a house fire on Friday night near Second and McLain in Newton. No one was injured. Wendy Nugent/Newton Now

Newton firefighters use a ladder to get into what appears to be the attic of the house. Wendy Nugent/Newton Now

Firefighters saved four dogs while combating a fire near Second and McClain on Friday, Nov. 17.
A house in that area caught fire around 10 p.m. that night.
Newton Fire and EMS Capt. Chris Anderson said that a fire started in the home and eventually came in contact with a propane bottle causing an explosion.
Anderson said the home was a total loss or at least close to it.
“I think it’s pretty badly damaged,” he said. “I know the garage is a total loss, and there’s some heavy damage on the house.”
He said the fire didn’t cause any injuries, but there were four dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers, in the house that firefighters had to rescue. The animals should be OK.
No information on the cause of the fire was available at this time.
Neighbors reported hearing screaming and explosions that evening, as they stood by, watching firefighters battle the blaze.
“I heard little pop, pop, pops,” said next-door neighbor Louise Bell-Nash. “I heard this loud explosion.”
She said police asked her in anyone else was in her house.
“We were told it was a propane tank that blew up,” Bell-Nash said. “I heard a girl screaming.”
Another neighbor, Stephanie Snyder, said she also heard someone screaming and was concerned it might’ve been someone who lived there.
“My house just shook,” Snyder said. “There was stuff flying,” and there were sparks everywhere, which looked like fireworks at the Fourth of July.