PHOTO GALLERY: No tricks, lots of treats in downtown Newton on Halloween

By Wendy Nugent, Newton Now

At least a few hundred people braved the frozen tundra that was downtown Newton on Tuesday night, many dressed in costume, whether adults or youngsters.

One kid, Rook DeMille, was dressed in the simplest, and yet classic, costume of a ghost with eyes cut into a sheet. His costume harkened back to the time of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” in which a few of the kids in Charles M. Schultz’s cartoon show donned ghost costumes. The show was released in October 1966.

The ghost running around on Main Street on Halloween was with Damyon Gantt, who was a soldier, and Elizabeth Schafers, Gantt’s mom, who was dressed as a bee, and brother Dominic Schafers.

“This is our third year coming out,” Elizabeth Schafers said, adding they’ve lived in Newton for four years. “We have fun. I think that’s more the point than getting candy.”

In addition to getting candy, one of the boys played double-bagger for his brother, who got sick and couldn’t attend downtown Newton’s annual event.

Another trick-or-treater was Augusta Green, who lived up to her last name, since she was dressed in green as Te Fiti, the goddess of life from “Moana.”

“This is our first year,” said Cristi Green, Green’s mom. “We’re new to Newton. We’re trying to find all the fun stuff to do in town.”

There were almost as many costumes downtown Tuesday night as there were people. Liam McClelland was a Dragon Rider, while Chloe Chavez was a crazy cat lady, complete with curlers in her hair and stuffed cats attached to her bathrobe, and Holly Nagal was a witch. Sara Kelly was there with her daughter, Malleeyah Barrett, who was dressed as a cat or perhaps a leopard.

“I’m just trying to stay warm,” Kelly said.

Photos by Wendy Nugent/Newton Now