PHOTO GALLERY: NHS graduating seniors march through schools’ hallways

Newton High School 2017 graduating seniors walk through the halls on Thursday of Santa Fe 5/6 Center. Wendy Nugent/Newton Now

By Wendy Nugent, Newton Now

Newton High School 2017 graduating seniors walked the hallowed halls of Santa Fe 5/6 Center on Thursday afternoon, some of whom probably went to school there as tweens.

On Thursday, the graduating seniors wore their caps and gowns, and most of them smiled as Santa Fe fifth- and sixth-graders held up or waved posters in the air, while many of them yelled. A number of the soon-to-be grads walked in twos past the students on all levels of the school, going up and down stairs. It’s a school that probably has seen thousands of students study and learn there.

One Santa Fe student, Max Escobar, held a sign that had Dragon Ball Z on it.

“I wanted to see if somebody reacted, and they did,” he said.

A couple of the graduating males reacted, and Escobar jumped up and down and yelled with glee after they said something about his sign.

As the seniors passed by, Escobar kept saying,” Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z.”

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese animé TV series and comic.

Other Santa Fe students seemed to have just as much fun.

“Seems fun and hyper,” student Noami Garett said, and she said she’s never seen the graduating seniors march through the school before.

Another student, Victoria Madrano, agreed.

“It think it’s pretty cool,” she said. “It’s a great way to honor the seniors. I really like all the posters here. This is a great way for them to start off going to college or start a new life.”

Melinda Rangel, assistant principal at NHS, said, “First year we’ve done it,” as she walked by with the students in caps and gowns.

Santa Fe Assistant Principal Jana Bohling agreed the students liked it.

“Our kids were really excited to make posters and cheer for them,” she said. “Lisa Moore said it was a teacher’s suggestion” to have this. Moore is principal at NHS.

In addition to walking the halls of Santa probably one last time, the seniors went to Chisholm Middle School and all elementary schools in the district on Thursday.

Moore said this will become a high school tradition.

“It will definitely become a new tradition for the NHS Seniors and all K-8 buildings,” she said.

She said the idea first came to them on social media.

“We first saw this last year on Facebook and thought it was a really cool idea,” Moore said. “One of our senior parents, Tami Garcia, was persistent with me to get this organized, so we made it happen—found a date, secured transportation, got all building administrators on board, sent out many emails to the seniors—and it happened. The smiles, laughs, stories from today were all worth it.”