Double-homicide affidavit provides new facts, but no motive

By Newton Now staff

Harvey County has released the probable cause affidavit regarding the double homicide of Alyssa Runyon ,24  and Zaylynn Paz, 4,  that took place Aug. 8 in a residence at Roanoke Court in Newton.

The partially redacted affidavit, provided a few new details in the case, but little information regarding the motives for the double homicide Keith Hawkins, 19, of Florence, stands accused of.

The affidavit stated that on August 8 at 4:45 a.m. the City of Eureka, in Greenwood County, contacted a Greenwood Sheriff’s deputy reporting that a two people had been stabbed on “Roanoke or a similar sounding street.”
The conversation between the deputy had and the City of Eureka employee was redacted in the affidavit.

The affidavit did not make it clear how the City of Eureka found out about the crime.
However,the affidavit mentioned a phone conversation between a person, whose name was redacted, and Hawkins. This conversation was reported to law enforcement and then later reviewed by a Newton police detective as part of the early investigation.

Newton Police didn’t respond until later that day when a friend of Runyon’s entered the home at around 11:07 a.m. and discovered the bodies.

Newton PD responded and found Runyon, deceased from injuries consistent with strangulation, and her daughter Paz, 4, with stab wounds.

The phone conversation the detective interviewed, along with the investigation the police conducted were enough to provide probable cause to issue an arrest warrant for Hawkins on one count of capital murder and two counts of first degree murder.

Hawkins, was arrested that day around 5:25 p.m. After a car chase in Taylor Texas.

The Newton Police Department stated at the time that they believed that the killings were targeted and that there had been a relationship between Runyon and Hawkins.

Hawkins is currently being held in the Harvey County Jail. Bail was set for Hawkins at $2.5 million