Contents of bra lands woman in jail

By Newton Now Staff 

A women went to jail after police found her bra loaded with drugs as well as bank cards and an ID.

According to police reports on March 20 at 8:50 p.m., a police officer stopped a vehicle heading out of the Newton Kwik Shop at 12th and Main St.

The report said the vehicle had a tail light that wasn’t operating.

Newton Police Lt. Scott Powell said the officer questioned the person they pulled over, and they eventually admitted to having meth and marijuana on their person.

A female officer was called to the scene to assist with the search.

Police eventually found methamphetamine and marijuana that was stored in the woman’s bra. She also had four bank cards belonging to other people as well as a driver’s license belonging to another person.

Police followed up with the investigation and found the cards to be connected to a series of vehicle burglaries in Benton.

Police arrested Jasmine Brandt, 24, of Wichita on charges of possession of narcotics, marijuana, paraphernalia and stolen property as well as driving with a suspended license.