NMC receives $2,700 grant from Newton Substance Abuse Board

Newton Medical Center has received a $2,700 grant from the Newton Substance Abuse Board to help fund case management services offered to patients.

The grant will allow qualified patients to receive a Substance Abuse Center of Kansas (SACK) Assessment at no cost to the individual. Upon admittance to the hospital, the completion of a SACK Assessment is required for a qualified patient to begin substance abuse treatment.

Grant funding will eliminate the process of finding alternative funds, which allows patients to more quickly receive assessments and begin treatment as needed.

“The ability to have funding available to assist patients with addictions that are requesting transition to a treatment center facilitates the journey of healing for the patient,” said Heather Porter, RN, and Director of Case Management Services at Newton Medical Center. “We express gratitude to the Newton Substance Abuse Board for recognizing this prerequisite to a transitional recovery plan.”

Newton Medical Center is currently an acute care hospital in the rural area that is equipped to monitor patients with addictions through their acute detoxification and provide assistance in receiving the necessary assessment that allows for transitional care through donated funds.

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