Bulky item pickup not available for tree limbs

The city of Newton’s free bulky item pickup service is not available for tree limbs until after the citywide limb cleanup is complete.

“When we do a citywide cleanup, we have to be systematic and organized to cover the whole city,” said Suzanne Loomis, City Engineer/Director of Public Works. “If we accommodated bulky item pickup requests, we’d be running back and forth through the city, and completing the process would take much longer. We are using those resources now to concentrate on the citywide cleanup.”

Cleanup began this morning and will take several weeks to complete.

“The cleanup is a lengthy process, and we know it can be bothersome for residents to hang on to their limbs for that long,” Loomis said. “We just ask for your patience, as our crews will get to you as quickly as they can.”

If residents would like to get rid of their storm debris quicker than City crews can accommodate, they are encouraged to obtain their free landfill coupon from the Utility Billing Office. The coupon will allow them to take one free load to the Harvey County Transfer Station on Southwest 24th Street.

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